It's 2019! And the members of FRC Team Vault 6936 are gearing up for their second season in the FRC competition!

This year, FIRST has announced its game for the season. Everyone, prepare to enter DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE! Initial brainstorming occurred in the early afternoon of January 5, 2019, as teams from all over the Miami Valley discussed the rules and any possible strategies they may be able to utilize in the upcoming season. Vault is looking forward to the season ahead and wishes all of the other competing teams good luck during the competition and build season. GO VAULT!

Week 1


The members of Vault have been hard at work putting together ideas for our robot this year. The day after kickoff, we re-watched the game video, discussed the rules, and talked about strategy. We then brainstormed and broke up into teams, and put our ideas on post-it notes. We grouped similar ideas and started prototyping. The prototypes include mechanisms to do the climb, to pick up the cargo, and the hatch. Going into week two, we are going to present our prototypes. We want to send a thank you out to all of the parents providing food and drinks on Sunday.

Here is the link to game reveal video.

Week 2

Build Season Week 2

Throughout Week 2 of Build season, the Vault members have been working vigorously. We’ve accomplished quite a few things. We have narrowed down the potential prototypes for picking up cargo and hatches, and climbing mechanisms. The CAD team started on recreating prototype designs. The build team finished building the chassis, has built some field elements, and has been continuing to prototype. The business team were working on designs for buttons and t-shirts, learned how to use a video editing software, making sure everyone has signed their parent consent forms, and taking inventory and cataloging into our budget. The programming team worked on the mecanum drive code.

Week 3

Build Season Week 3

We’re on to Week 3 of build season! The members of Vault 6936 have progressed in many ways furthered by each team.

The Build team has prototyped different types of arm mechanisms. They have learned that a self stabilizing arm would not reach out of the frame perimeter to successfully pick up cargo and hatches from the ground. Build team also experimented on methods of moving the arm such as mockup linear actuators and pulley systems. We decided on which linear actuator to use and are still working through the kinks on the jackscrew method for climbing the robot at the end game.

The Business team received quote for team shirts, ordered parts for the robot and continues to manage the team budget. Four team members went to Altamira Technologies and did a presentation and answered questions from the CEO, Vice President and STEM directors. Altamira is committed to sponsoring our team and will reveal the sponsorship level in the next couple of weeks! We are hoping for a new long term partnership with Altamira. Business team also finished the revised button design for the new season and started making buttons.

The CAD team worked out geometry and physics pertaining to the arm mechanism and the payloads as well as iterating the jackscrew designs and beginning work on electrical and bumper systems.

The Programming Team experimented with distance sensors, iterative mechanism drive, and discussed mecanum physics.

Week 4

Build Season Week 4

Latest News

It is week four and the entire Vault 6936 team is working at top gear to complete the robot, now affectionately known as "The Lorax". The Build team has constructed the final arm mechanism for our robot, created custom pieces of assist in fastening the arm to the base, and cut out metal according to CAD designs for the arm. The Programming team has finished programming the linear actuator and are now working on programming sensors and cameras. Our CAD team finished and tested jackscrew design; due to the jackscrew design not working as well as expected, they started making a new climbing mechanism; worked on the layout of the electronics plate, and assisted the build team. The Business team completed the chairman’s essay and questions, and practiced using Premier, a video editing application, for the chairman’s video, got another sponsor (thank you so much Yaskawa!), logged finances, worked on designs for shirts and banner. Vault team appreciates those who participated in the Pizza Dive Fundraiser last week! We're working hard as we approach the much anticipated bag day and would like to thank everyone for their support!

Week 5

Build Season Week 5

It's week 5 of the FIRST Robotics Competition's build season and the team is chugging along in it's attempt to bring an amazing robot into existence.


The build team is almost finished fleshing out the robot into it's final form. The robot this year will have a large metal arm that is able to rotate via a linear actuator (A device that allows mechanical parts to move up and down or side to side). The team has confirmed the name of the robot to be "The Lorax", a popular Dr. Seuss character.


The CAD team is working on our pit design for this year. They are also working on designing a functioning lift mechanism for our robot. We plan on using either a jack screw design idea for the lift or a scissor-lift idea. It all comes down to what our team is able to do with the provided materials.


Our programming team has been hard at work creating a program to run the intake for the robot, a rolling-wheel design that is able to grab both cargo (balls) and circular hatch panels. The program must also be able to run the lineal actuators so the drive team is able to operate the robot efficiently. They will accomplish this by entering code and using different types of feedback devices.


Business has been on the task of public image. The business team has recently begun updating the team's social media more frequently. You can access these pages via these links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. They have also been keeping on top of the team's banner creation, award applications, pit design, financial management, sponsorships, and much more.

Week 6

Build Season Week 6

This is it guys, we are nearing the end of FIRST FRC build season and we are ready for lift off.


The CAD team has been working on mocking up a design for the lift mechanism. The plan is to create a lift that enables our robot to reach hab level 3, or in the event of time constraints, at least hab level 2.


The build team has been the busiest of all the teams here at Vault HQ. They have been finishing the wiring on the robot and have been working with the CAD team to construct multiple pit items and structures. These new structures include a robot battery cart, trusses, and workbenches. The robot is nearing completion and the build team is very excited to see their hard work in action.


Programming has been working on getting our Raspberry Pi to function correctly. Initially, we placed it on the vertical beam that connects the linear actuator to the robot's arm, but now we are remounting so that we are able to program it effectively.


The business team has been busy managing sponsorships, finances, designing the pit, organizing outreach, and planning logistics for the upcoming season.

New For You!

Due to the approaching date of Bag Day, us here at Vault 6936 feel it is our duty to notify parents of Miami Valley Regional competition dates. You can find these times, locations, and dates on the homepage. For more details, click here to visit the official Miami Valley Regional for official times and an official itinerary.

Competition/End of the season!

Miami Valley Regional

The Miami Valley Regional

This weekend, the Vault 6936 team participated in the Miami Valley Regional FRC Competition. Our team's robot performed exceptionally well, and we are proud that it belongs to us. Special thanks, to all of our sponsors who have supported us during build season, and we look forward to your continued support as the season progresses.


Attention all parents, students and mentors, this Wednesday we will be having a meeting at the Vault building to discuss the competition and begin making preparations for the FIRST Buckeye Competition in about 3 weeks. Below is a countdown timer until the Buckeye Competition commences.

The Competition Looms: Buckeye Regional

The Current Situation

The Vault team is nearing it's first competition date on the 7th throught the 9th of March. The team has been busy constructing a practice robot that will mirror the abilities of our competing robot: The Lorax. The business team has been working on preparing for the chairman's presentation and organizing outreach.

Important Details

Revised Meeting Schedule

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the weeks before Miami Valley Regionals, we will be meeting Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and if necessary Mondays and Thursdays especially for the drive team members. Please remember, the schedule is always subject to change and we may not always run a single set schedule. All of these time changes are simply to maximize our time to work before competition. Thank you for your cooperation.

Robot Release Video

Our release video for The Lorax has been uploaded! Click here to view and see The Lorax in all its glory.

MVR Itinerary and Agenda

Below is the agenda for the MVR Competition, click on this link to see the competition's agenda and full and familiarize yourself with its contents.

MVR Team Social

Below is a link that will take you to the page for the MVR Team Social. It is on Friday, March 18 and is a meet-up for Vault 6936 and the BONDS 5811 FRC Team. The event will last from 6-10 PM at the Wright State Student Union. NOTE: There is an entrance fee of $12.00/per student. If you are interested in volunteering at this event please click here to go to the sign-up genius page. RSVP IS REQUIRED, RSVP to david.dunn@raisestem.org to reserve your spot!


This event occurs on March 27-30, rooms have been already been reserved for the hotel. EVERYONE MUST NOTIFY THE BUSINESS TEAM OF YOUR INTENT TO ATTEND. This is required in order to make accurate logistical plans. More information will be provided as the dates of Buckeye approach.