Weeks 1-2

And So It Begins...

The first week was as crazy as it gets. We sat down as a team and went over the game as many times as we needed to understand it inside and out. We watched video after video of what the Robot in Three Days teams were doing. Following the "understanding" period, we thought about what was "needed" to win the competition. Hundreds of great ideas were thrown around. Turrets, shooters, rollers, suckers, spitters, catchers, you name it, we thought of it. After a few more days of debate and discussion, we have the ideas we wanted to prototype. Among the chosen were "The Revolver", essentially a giant rotating drum on top of the robot to store power cells, and "The Gravity Storage," which uses, you guessed it, gravity to drop balls into the shooter.

Weeks 3-5

Mind Meets Metal

Now, we have entered perhaps the most important part of the build season: prototyping. It has been a cycle of ordering parts, building ideas, testing them, and iterating on them. So far, many of the ideas that were mentioned in the previous section have evolved leaps and bounds. As of now, the members are still hard at work building their prototypes and perfecting them. We hope to have finished them by the end of the week. Until then, stay tuned...